“ We only use qualified instructors and subject matter experts with real world experience who are certified in their fields. This allows us to give our customers and students the best training and assistance possible, that is tailored to their specific needs.” – Kris (Tanto) Paronto


Owned and operated by Benghazi hero, Kris “Tanto” Paronto, this team offers a broad-spectrum of protection consulting/assessments, and training curriculum/capabilities on a nationwide level. Battleline Tactical can assist Law Enforcement agencies, Federal agencies, military, private corporations, and responsible CWP citizens. The Mobile Training Team provides relevant, technical, valuable training programs and curriculum, as well as train the trainer programs.



As a Leader in Protection Consulting and
Mobile Training Teams
Battleline Tactical Provides

                                              Basic-Advance Firearms Training
                                              Low Signature Counter Terrorism
                                              Home & Vehicle Defense Tactics
                                              Active Shooter Response Tactics
                                              Edged Weapons Defensive Tactics Training
                                              Convoy Security Operations & Tactics 
                                              Beginner-Advance Combative Training
                                              Security & Protection Assessments/Training
                                              Personal Security Detail Training
                                              Range, Training Site, and Secure Facility Planning and Design
                                              Security Threat, Vulnerability, Risk, and Recoverability Assessments
                                              Personal & Corporate Security/Protection Services



The Battle of Benghazi is that infamous night of September 11, 2012 when our men were left surrounded by hordes of armed members from the Islamic militant group Ansar al_Sharia. With nowhere to run and no promise of help from the outside, six American security contractors readily put their lives on the line to rescue and protect Americans stationed in Benghazi saving more than twenty lives. The security team fought for over 13 hours under heavy machine gun, rocket and mortar fire. Their acts of heroism and self-sacrifice that night were captured in the book and Hollywood movie, "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi".

Among the six security contractors was Kris Paronto, also known as Tanto. He and his teammates quickly gained fame as national heroes after the media filled our country with the details of the Battle of Benghazi, but they were American heroes long before then. Mr. Paronto diligently served our country for many years and became one of the most talented, well-crafted fighters and defenders our country has known.

Now that Kris is no longer doing government work, he is using his advanced knowledge and skillsets in combat and weaponry to train others at the company he started called Battleline Tactical.

Battleline Tactical is also available for Research and Development consulting for the Defense Industry and also consults for the Movie Industry.


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