About Battleline Tactical

A mobile training team (MTT) that hosts training events all over the country for Individuals, Law Enforcement, Fundraisers, Team Building For Corporations, Security, DOD, OGA ranging from Low Signature Counter- Terrorism to CQB. The company is led by Kris "Tanto" Paronto, subject of the best selling book and major motion picture, 13 HOUR: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi along with some of the best Instructors in the country.




The Battle of Benghazi is that infamous night of September 11, 2012 when  our men were left surrounded by hordes of armed members from the Islamic militant group Ansar al_Sharia. With nowhere to run and no promise of help from the outside, six American security contractors readily put their lives on the line to rescue and protect Americans stationed in Benghazi saving more than twenty lives.  The security team fought for over 13 hours under heavy machine gun, rocket and mortar fire. Their acts of heroism and self-sacrifice that night were captured in the book and Hollywood movie, "13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi".






Among the six security contractors was Kris Paronto, also known as Tanto. He and his teammates quickly gained fame as national heroes after the media filled our country with the details of the Battle of Benghazi, but they were American heroes long before then.  Mr. Paronto diligently served our country for many years and became one of the most talented, well-crafted fighters and defenders our country has known.

Now that he is no longer doing government work, he is using his advanced knowledge and skillsets in combat and weaponry to train others at the company he started called Battleline Tactical.

Battleline Tactical is also available for Research and Development consulting for the Defense Industry and also consults for the Movie Industry.


Meet Our Highly Trained, Experienced and Hand-Picked

Battleline Tactical Instructors


BEN MORGAN - Battleline Tactical's On-Site Chief Operating Officer 

Ben Morgan is a former member of the 75th Ranger Regiment,1st Ranger Battalion and a former U.S. Army infantry officer. He served in the 19th Special Forces Group while earning his Bachelor's Degree in History from Colorado Sate University. Ben worked in Iraq as a Close Quarters Battle instructor, teaching Iraqi and coalitions forces, and also worked in Africa as part of the ACOTA (Africa Contingency Operations Training and Assistance program), training battalion level staff officers to prepare for peace and support operations in Darfur. Ben worked for the U.S. State Department High Threat Protection program in Baghdad, Iraq and went on to invent the Dry Fire Pro Timer and establish Morgan Timing Systems, LLC to address a gap in the training needs he experienced while working overseas.


BENNY GLOSSOP - Battleline Tactical's Lead Combatives Instructor

Benny “The Professor” Glossop has over 25 years of combined martial arts and combatives training and is a former professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter and kickboxer. He holds several ranks in the martial arts including: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, 5th Degree Black Belt in American kickboxing, and 3rd Degree Black Belt in Olympic Taekwondo. Along with those ranks, he has nearly 20 years of combatives training with Dave “Boon” Benton.  Benny specializes in Active Shooter Response, in-fight weapons access and weapons retention training, and combative grappling. 

Benny has taught and trained with members of all branches of the U.S. Military, LEO SWAT & SRT Teams, Security Agents, and the U.S. Marshal’s Service. He is also a veteran firefighter and Emergency Rescue Technician and remains a first responder today as a licensed security professional and personal protection specialist. 


LARRY STEVENSON "The Bearded Black Cowboy" 

Larry is a Former Gang Unit, SWAT/K9 Officer and Law Enforcement Officer Survival Skills Trainer, and specializes in Close Quarter Combat, Tactical Firearms and Hand-to-Hand Combat instruction. 

Larry Stevenson AKA "The Bearded Black Cowboy" is a resounding community and national voice, preacher, teacher and motivational speaker; specializing and being sought after to speak on the topics of community, police, faith, family, fatherhood, U.S. Constitution Amendments 1 & 2, American History and leadership beyond color. 

In the field of Martial Arts, Larry is considered among his peers as "a teacher's-teacher" or simply put SiGung,  a Chinese term meaning, "a master's master." A multiple-time State, National and International Karate Champion in bare-knuckle full-contact, no pads-no gloves competition. Larry  is a full-contact (bare-knuckle) kick-boxing, international kick-boxing, professional boxing and mixed martial arts Champion and Coach.

  • - Former Police Officer
  • - Former Gang Unit Officer
  • - Former SWAT/K-9 Officer
  • - Officer Survival Skills Trainer
  • - Verbal Deescalation and Tactical Communications Trainer
  • - 1994 First to introduce and train a major metropolitan police department (Denver Police               Department) to Ground Fighting Techniques Utilizing Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, while combining Robert       Koga arrest control techniques both on compliant and resistant individuals.
  • - Expert at Close Quarters Combat Survival techniques
  • - Defense Against Edged Weapons Trainer
  • - Specializes is Weapons Retention and Weapons Access
  • - Specializes in Drawing and Accessing Weapon (handgun) from Unorthodox Positions
  • - Specializes in In-Fight Access, Control and Retention of Weapons
  • - Specializes in Active Shooter Response with a niche in: Empty Hand Weapons and Suspect           Forced Malfunction and Subduing Techniques
  • - Owner & CO-Founder of 3D Martial Arts & Tactical Defense School


JAMES ZAMPIER "The Mechanic"

James Zampier - also referred to as "The Mechanic" of the Battleline Team is an Army Veteran, starting out in life as a Mechanic in the Army and has since moved on to being a Crane Mechanic full time when he is not instructing Battleline Courses. 

Zampier is skilled in CQB, Pistol/Carbine manipulations, Active Shooter Courses, Concealed Carry Tactics, Vehicular Counter Attacks, and PCC Sub Gun weapons and tactics. He also owns Breacher’s Custom Guns and specializes in mid-high end Custom AR Platform as well as integrally suppressed PCC systems.  

Zampier is a God fearing family man and as a Veteran that takes pride in his country, fully supports our military service men and women and first responders. Lastly, he enjoys long walks on the beach dreaming about the second amendment and how taxation is theft.... and always brings a good sense of humor to the classes....as well, as great training.


Israel Matos – Instructor and Manager of Shootingclasses.com


Israel Matos is Marine combat veteran with multiple certifications in weapons and combative tactics. His real-world experiences and technical training are a great asset to the Battleline Tactical team. He is also one of the founding fathers and developers of Shootingclasses.com which is the primary system used by Battleline Tactical for classes scheduling and administrative needs.

Certifications and MOS
Marine Corps Martial Arts Brown Belt
Marine Corps Foreign Weapons Instructor Course
NRA Tactical Law Enforcement Instructor course
Combat Marksmanship Presentation course
Infantry Assaultman
Antitank Missileman
Machine Gunner
Primary Marksmanship Coach
Primary Marksmanship Trainer
Anti-Armor Operations
Warfighting Tactics and Techniques Course
Scouting and Patrolling


Jeremy Mitchell – Instructor and KPI Merchandise Manager

Jeremy Mitchell retired as a Sergeant First Class from the United States Army as a Military Police. Jeremy was deployed several times during his 17 years of service before he retired due to injuries received while serving his country.

Jeremy has served and worked in many specialized fields.
• State Army Protection Program NCOIC
• Physical Security Inspector/Advisor
• Operation Security (OPSEC) Manager
• Antiterrorism Force Protection (AT/FP) NCOIC
• Domestic Operations Group (DOG) Knowledge/Information Manager
• Domestic Operations Group (DOG) Training NCO
• Joint Operation Center (JOC) Mission Tracking & Information Manager
• Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Mission Tracking
• Joint Operations NCO (J3) for Defense Support to Civil Authorities (DSCA) Operations
• Personal Security Detail (PSD) Escort & Driver
• Advanced Interview and Interrogation Specialist
• Neuro Linguistics Programing Specialist and Instructor

Jeremy is also the owner of Advance Defense Assessment Preparation Team (A.D.A.P.T) and developer of Operating Near Extreme Stress Drills (ONES-Drills) and the Simulated Combat Application Tourniquet Training System (SCATTS) check him out at: www.adaptsecops.com



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