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    Battleline Tactical Protection Programs division was established to answer the growing requests from specific agencies and private companies/individuals that were requesting assistance in conducting protection/security assessments,  developing their programs, and train their personnel.

    Battleline Tactical Protection Programs can answer these requests for assistance by conducting those much needed assessments, as well as working with their personnel to develop policy, guidance, and assigning responsibility for their personnel in maintaining practical, economical, and effective protection/security programs.

    The Battleline Tactical Protection Program works to unify the protection effort to support the execution of the agencies/companies missions and their mission essential functions in an all threats and hazards environment by integrating, coordinating, synchronizing, and effectively prioritizing the efforts and resources of the protection program functional elements and enabling functions.

    Battleline Tactical Protection Programs does not seek to eliminate the risks of threats and hazards, but seeks to assist agencies/companies to prevent, prepare, protect, mitigate, respond, and recover from an event to minimize the impact on the execution of their goals and missions.

    Battleline Tactical Protection Programs works with these agencies/companies in the assessment, development, and training of their individual protection programs, i.e. Physical Security, Loss Prevention, Security of Classified and Unclassified Information/Property (Sensitive and Non-sensitive), Security or Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives, working with Law Enforcement programs and reporting, Information Security Programs, Operation Security Programs/Training, Antiterrorism, Threat Awareness and Reporting Programs. 

    Battleline Tactical Protection Programs uses a very unique assessment process to determine the realistic and most likely threats, vulnerabilities, risk, and recoverability for the customer. We do NOT use fear or scare tactics to push customers into developing, purchasing, installing, or training on costly policies, equipment and courses. The goal is to assist our customers with developing the most secure and cost effective programs that are applicable to their organizations. If a company can not maintain a protection program due to cost, the over all security will be neglected and ultimately ignored. We want to assist them in developing programs that can be constantly maintained and improved upon as needed.