About Training



“ We only use qualified instructors and subject matter experts with real world experience who are certified in their fields. This allows us to give our customers and students the best training and assistance possible, that is tailored to their specific needs.” – Kris (Tanto) Paronto

    Owned and operated by Benghazi hero, Kris “Tanto” Paronto, the Battleline Tactical Protection Programs team offers a broad-spectrum of protection consulting/assessments, and training curriculum/capabilities on a nationwide level. Battleline Tactical can assist Law Enforcement agencies, Federal agencies, military, private corporations, and responsible CWP citizens. The Mobile Training Team provides relevant, technical, valuable training programs and curriculum, as well as train the trainer programs.


    As a Leader in Protection Consulting and Mobile Training Teams Battleline Tactical provides training in the following areas.

  1. Basic-Advance Firearms Training
  2. Low Signature Counter Terrorism
  3. Home & Vehicle Defense Tactics
  4. Active Shooter Response Tactics
  5. Edged Weapons Defensive Tactics Training
  6. Convoy Security Operations & Tactics
  7. Beginner-Advance Combative Training
  8. Security & Protection Assessments/Training
  9. Personal Security Detail Training
  10. Range, Training Site, and Secure Facility Planning and Design
  11. Security Threat, Vulnerability, Risk, and Recoverability Assessments
  12. Personal & Corporate Security/Protection Services

    Battleline Tactical already provides courses available to the public throughout the year. The Protection Programs Division can work with any agency, business, insurance company, celebrities, or private individuals to tailor specialized training courses for the customer's specific needs. The training can be designed and developed on an annual basis, or can be developed into  a specialized train the trainer course as applicable to the needs of the customer. 


   Battleline Tactical Protection Programs can work with your personnel and provide you with a quote. Contact us today for more information and let us know what you are looking for specifically.