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Host Battleline Tactical Training Course

Owned and led by Benghazi hero, Kris “Tanto” Paronto, this team of hand picked professionals offers a large curriculum of training, nationwide, for Law Enforcement agencies, Federal agencies, military, and responsible CWP citizens. We don’t offer ‘fantasy camp’ training. It’s real, it’s technical, and it’s valuable. We offer a no ego training platform and you will NOT get that ‘we’re better than everyone else’ vibe. We offer legitimate training in an effort of making our everyday heroes and citizens more knowledgeable and more comfortable in their respective fields.

  • Basic-Advance Firearms Training
  • Low Signature Counter Terrorism
  • Home & Vehicle Defense Tactics
  • Active Shooter Response Tactics
  • Edged Weapons Defensive Tactics Training
  • Defensive and Tactical Driving Courses
  • Beginner-Advance Combative Training
  • Security & Protection Assessments/Training
  • Personal Security Detail Training

For information on how to become a Host and schedule training enter your information below or email us directly by clicking on the email button below.

NOTE: Make sure you title the subject line "Want to Become a Battleline Tactical Host"