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In 2005, THADDEA (Tah-DEE-ah) began with a vision, to convey a message of Courage and Bravery through the use of Enhanced Tech Apparel and Products (ETAP), the brand that epitomizes the "Heroic" but illustrates the determination of an athlete.

Our inspiration derives from the spirit and sacrifice of our nation's military heroes who along with those who serve and protect others. These individuals epitomize the courageous and brave characteristics embodied within us all. We believe it is the courage and bravery individuals possess within that leads to their accomplishment. There is no other brand on the market that can express this message. THADDEA is the symbol for courage and bravery; the symbol individuals can seek for inspiration.

The principles, which THADDEA adheres, are the foundation, which provides the enthusiasm and passion within the Company. Knowing those wearing THADDEA apparel and products are embracing a meaning of inspiration is exciting and makes us fortunate and proud.

No longer is courage and bravery just an ideal, it's a physical symbol individuals can embrace and wear. THADDEA is the branded sports apparel pioneer for the "Heroic." THADDEA is the first global brand and symbol of Courage and Bravery.


MAXIM Defense

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Maxim Defense Industries is a defense development company striving to give our military and first responders the next generation of tools and equipment. We pride ourselves on making high quality, durable components to help you get the job done no matter what comes your way!

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STI International Tactical

Built for shooters. made in the usa.

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Twenty-five years ago, STI revolutionized competition shooting by bringing the world a whole new gun platform, the 2011®. Built with FlaTec™, the 2011® is the best shooting gun available and the choice of champions who have won thousands of competitions with our pistols.

Today we not only make 2011’s for competitors, but also for our nation’s finest who defend our freedoms daily, as well as everyone who is serious about shooting and defending their loved ones.

CMC Trigger

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Morgan Timing System LLC


The Morgan Timing Systems Dry Fire training barrels are built to be 100% drop in ready. New shooters can safely train and gain confidence in their weapons handling skills before shooting live rounds. Experienced shooters now have a safe and inexpensive way to rehearse basic techniques or put new techniques to the test before shooting live rounds.

Forj'd Leather

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American made, custom, high quality leather creations. Forj'd Leather is literally the product of our blood sweat and tears. We are a family owned business specializing in premium laser engraved leather products. Our belief in the American dream has fueled our passion to create unique leather products for our customers. Each piece created in our shop is hand dyed, oiled, stitched and finished in house and inspected before ever leaving the shop. We would like to thank all of our customers for your support and patronage.

Veritas Tactical LLC

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Veritas Tactical, LLC is a family/Law Enforcement Veteran owned and operated company. Veritas Tactical was started by firearms enthusiasts’ and operators for the purpose of creating purpose built precision and custom firearms. Our custom rifles are all individually handcrafted to our exact tolerances with the upmost quality control. They are tested for proper function and accuracy before shipping. We strive to achieve the highest quality and craftsmanship possible to meet our customers demands.

New Era Supply Company


We pride ourselves on providing our local businesses and event coordinators with some of the highest quality garments and printing available. Reasonable prices and straightforward business representaition have made New Era Supply Company the "go to" for the needs of many in the River Region as well as nationwide. We also offer brand consultation including creative direction and manufacturing. If you have any questions regarding pricing/turnaround/artwork feel free to call or email and we will be happy to assist.

JCS Engraving


Veteran owned and operated.
Laser stippling/engraving on firearms, custom magazines, motorcycle/auto accessories, knives and much more.



Goliath Tactical 661

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Goliath Tactical Holsters are high quality gun holster made right here in the USA. We are headquartered in Landcaster, CA and our products ship all over the world. Our products are hand made and we take pride in the craftsmanship and operation of each gun holster that leaves our company manufacturing headquarters






Fort Scott Munitions 

Our mission at Fort Scott Munitions™ is to provide knowledgeable and professional customer service to all of our customers. Whether you are a beginner or expert, at the gun range or out hunting, we are able to help you purchase the gear, guns, ammo and accessories to fit your exact needs.

We offer free gunsmithing on all guns and replacement parts purchased from Fort Scott Munitions™ and also have machinists that can build parts to fit almost any gun. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products and service and you can depend on us to do just that.

Contact Us Here is a fully automated customer management software website for firearms instructors to run the administrative side of their classes and find students and ranges. It also allows students to find classes and instructors in their area and even allows range owners to connect with instructors and students.

As an instructor, your time is valuable. Using the platform allows you to take back your time, increase class sizes, improve your bottom line -- and focus on teaching. provides both marketing and administrative management support at a low cost to instructors, while also driving students to sign up for classes. This tool benefits all instructors, from a single-instructor business that operates on a part-time basis, to a full-time instructor business with multiple instructors and locations taught.



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Vertx® is a premier manufacturer of tactical and outdoor gear and apparel for the modern warrior. We focus on low-profile designs, superior fit and function and user-friendly design features for every day applications. Since the brand’s inception in 2009, we have earned trust among the nation’s top operators for exceptional performance, fit and durability.

Copper Fit Compression Sleeves

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We are committed to providing the best products and friendliest customer service. If you should have any questions about ordering or a question about any of our great products, please feel free to contact us.

NEW high performance fabric won’t lose its shape
MORE compression for improved circulation, reduced swelling and relief of painful joint & muscle stiffness
Contoured design for a non-slip, PERFECT FIT
4-way stretch for ALL-DAY COMFORT

HD Vision Special Ops and Night Ops

Phone: 866-533-1182

We are committed to providing the best products and friendliest customer service. If you should have any questions about ordering or a question about any of our great products, please feel free to contact us.

Features & Benefits
Enhances color, contrast, and clarity
Reduce glare without darkening your view
UV protection, scratch resistant
High performance design ideal for active lifestyles
ANSI Z80.3 Compliant




Instagram: IntegratedCombativesGroup

Established in 2018, Integrated Combatives Group (ICG) is a mobile training team led by Prof. Benny Glossop that focuses on the needs of Law Enforcement, Military, Private Security and Responsible Concealed Carry Citizens in the fields of In-Fight Weapons Access, Weapons Retention, Combative Grappling, Personal Protection, Active Shooter Consulting and more. ICG conducts training nationally but shares it’s HQ between Tampa & Orlando with the Orlando location led by Dave “BOON” Benton.

ICG has a very close working relationship with Battleline Tactical and Threat Management Solutions as Benny Glossop is the Lead Combatives Instructor for both of these companies, too.


Kaze Group                      Martial Blade Concepts - Omaha 

Martial Blade Concepts - Omaha is an officially recognized MBC school located in Omaha, Nebraska lead by MBC Certified Instructor Christopher Doner.

Martial Blade Concepts(MBC) is an edged-weapon training program specifically designed by Michael Janich to meet the needs of today's concerned citizen and armed professional.

The goal of MBC is the development of “all-purpose” defensive skills. Rather than learning a large number of specific techniques to defend against specific attacks, MBC focuses on perfecting a few proven techniques and learning how to apply them to literally hundreds of different defensive situations. Through this easy-to-learn method, students develop defensive proficiency very quickly and have both the ability and the confidence to employ their skills after only a brief period of training.

Breacher's Custom Guns

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Here at BCG, we are an FFL-07 and SOT-2 and can manage all your transfer needs. We are now offering a LEO program to back our Men and Women in Blue. Click on the LEO Link at the top for more info.

Always Evolving
We are constantly growing and are excited for our future. Please check out the website and email us with any questions.

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Let me do the hard work for you, I'll guide you through the process, work with you on the build and give as much advice as needed to complete your dream rifle. We also handle fire arm sales, perform all FFL needs and specialize in Custom AR Builds.