Protection Programs

   Owned and Operated by Kris "Tanto" Paronto, the Battleline Tactical Protection Program Division is a trusted consultant to private citizens, businesses, churches, corporations, and government agencies. The Protection Program Team members are subject matter experts in their fields, who are dedicated in providing our customers with an accurate assessment of actual and potential threats, vulnerabilities, and risks.

     1. Security/Threat Assessments 
     2. Employee Security Program Training
     3. Policy & Procedure Development and Training
     4. Security System/Program Design and Training
     5. Man-Made and Natural Disaster Preparedness/Recovery training and plans

   Battleline Tactical Protection Program also works with companies and product developers to conduct realistic systematic testing of their specific products to provide them with detailed assessments, reviews, and constructive feedback of those products. This provides our customers with official data to use in marketing or requests for official approvals as applicable for those specific products/equipment.